Diplomat Sales Program

We serve diplomats and diplomatic organizations in need of vehicles for personal or official use.

Benefits of the program:

  1. A new Volvo for your official or personal use selected to match your needs.

  2. Significant savings on purchases or leasing of vehicles for immediate use (no waiting).

  3. Special financing programs available for diplomats regardless of a lack of credit history.

  4. Remote shopping and paperwork completion (you can complete your purchase or lease without ever coming to the dealership).

  5. Delivery to you wherever you are in the United States.

  6. Tax exemption according to diplomatic status.

Who can use the program?

  1. Embassies or diplomatic organizations that would like a Volvo for its official use.

  2. Foreign diplomats living in the United States who need a vehicle while posted here.

  3. US diplomats posted abroad who are moving back to the US.

How should I proceed?

You can visit us in person or complete the process remotely.  Customers typically use the Volvo website tools to design a car exactly as they would like and then send that to us to begin the conversation.


Anyone carrying a diplomatic visa, for example:

  1. Embassy Ambassadors and staff

  2. United Nations and its agencies (main org, UNESCO, UNHCR, ITU, WCO, IMF, WFP, WHO, World Bank, UNCCD, UNFCCC, etc.)

  3. Intergovernmental organizations such as NATO, OSCE, OECD, ICC, etc.

  4. Organization of American States

  5. Pan American Health Organization

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