Expat Sales Program

We serve expats living in the U.S. or Americans living abroad.

Benefits of the program:

  1. A new Volvo for your personal use ordered exactly to your specification.
  2. Significant savings through expat pricing.
  3. Access to expat vehicle option packages and single option ordering.

How can the program work for me?

  1. You are an American expat living abroad.  You order a Volvo built to the specifications of the country where you are living.  
  2. You are an expat living in America.  You order a US specification vehicle for use in the United States with significant savings.

How do I order a car through the program?

You can come visit us or complete an order remotely by phone and/or email.  Customers typically use the Volvo website tools to design a car exactly as they would like and then send that to us.  We use that to put pricing and an order form together.  Once an order is submitted, it takes approximately four months to be delivered.

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