• Discount of 10%-15% under market pricing on your vehicle
• Tax exemption in the US and in your home country (when qualified)
• Additional discounts for Ambassadors and official cars



• Custom build your car with exactly what you want - no more or less.
• Build a car of European, US, South American, or Asian specification - Left-hand drive or Right-hand drive
• Enjoy an internationally valid warranty



• Order to delivery time is four months in most cases
• Do you want a local specification to sell when you leave or a specification to take home...or both?
• Your car must be in your possession for six months (depending on your home country) to be tax exempt upon your return home 

Don Beyer Volvo is an authorized retailer for diplomats, military, expats, and international students and has been for 40 years.


One of the greatest experiences in any country is exploring it by car.  Volvo's special sales programs for diplomats, military, expats, and international students make that experience even better.  

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Matt Ferris


Our Sales Manager for is dedicated to this work and an expert in the product and process.  He will make owning your first or next Volvo easy.